Locksmith Or Dealership: Who Should I Trust To Replace My Car Keys?

Having a toddler around the house can surely live up anyone’s home. These adorable little creatures at times become a source of problems especially when it comes to car keys.

Imagine that you are all dressed up and ready for that major appointment and you discover that your toddler was playing with your car keys and you can’t find them anymore.

You do have a spare but it’s in your desk at the office and the travel will take hours due to rush hour traffic.

Breaking your car windows has crossed your mind but it would be a costly decision, besides how can you use your car if your window is smashed to bits? You also realize that windows are not that easy to break like before.

The moment of truth has come for you, you need to replace your car keys. The question is who do you choose for a replacement? A locksmith or your Dealer?

The first thing that comes to mind is your car dealership because they surely would have a spare key for your car. But is this really the best option?

Price is a major consideration and you would be able to save more if you opt to go to an auto locksmith for key replacement. Car dealers charge exorbitant rates for every service that they offer and this is no secret. Simple services like tune-ups and oil changes are notoriously higher what more for car key replacement.
In this aspect, the locksmith is the better choice. Then again if the price is no consideration for you then a car dealer will solve your problem.

When it comes to convenience a mobile car locksmith will always be the choice instead of going to your dealer for car key replacement. You might need to make an appointment with your dealer and wait in line for service. If you get a lockout during odd hours of the day, there is a chance that your car dealer is already closed. A mobile auto locksmith can go directly to your location and work on your key replacement at once. All it takes is one phone call and you get service any time any day with your mobile auto locksmith.

Some car owners worry that auto locksmiths won’t have the proper equipment for a key replacement, especially for the more advanced specialty keys. The reality is an auto locksmith can replace keys for any make and model of automobile. They are fully equipped to repair and replace auto door locks and ignition switches.

Even the keys that have chips encoded in them are not a problem for auto locksmiths. Some dealers may claim that they are the only ones that can replace these types of keys but this is far from the truth. Top model locksmiths can duplicate keys with chips and program transponders and FOBs.

We now know the benefits of choosing an auto locksmith over a car dealer when it comes to key replacement. The choice is really up to you now, if you value savings and convenience then you go for an auto locksmith.

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Locksmith Or Dealership: Who Should I Trust To Replace My Car Keys?
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