Your Guide To Changing The Locks Before You Move Into A New Home

Moving into your new home is an exciting adventure and a dream come true. Most of us go through the same routine of packing, unpacking and moving things that you often forget to prioritize the security of your new home and valuables.

The bad news is thieves can notice moving vans as a sign that you are new to your area. This is a signal that you may be distracted by other things and your home security may be lacking. We share a guide to improve your security measures when you move into your new home.

If your new home has previous owners, it is a safety precaution that you change all your locks. Secure main entrances like your front and back door by installing a double cylinder deadbolt for good measure.

Next is to secure all windows and skylights and make sure that they are locked tight. Change weak or broken locks once you discover them.

Rekey all locks for peace of mind. Even if former owners discard their old keys you are not sure who has spares. A former contractor may have spares used during the building process which is why you need to proceed with rekeying all locks.

Changing locks does not have to be expensive, rekeying is a more affordable procedure in exchange for having all locks replaced.

A locksmith can change the locks for you that can be opened by a new set of keys. You also have the option of having all locks opened by just a single key. This will give a convenient choice instead of having to carry a half dozen keys in your pocket all the time.

Your front and back door should be secure at all times. A good wood or metal door with a peephole can do the trick. Doors with windows can easily be broken into.

If your new home already has a security system in place, have an expert check on its condition. Make sure all sensors are in optimal condition, batteries are working and the system is working properly.

Change all passcodes and use a new security PIN that’s easy for you to recall but hard for thieves to guess.

If your home has no security system installed yet, you should invest in one. Call your trusted locksmith for a consultation on what is best for your property.

Thieves love to operate in the dark so a deterrent would be to ensure that your new home is well lit. There are motion activated lights that you can install in an area where a thief may gain access to.

Place lights on all entrances as well as any possible hiding places.

When moving into your new home, be discreet about your valuables. Reduce the time people from the outside can see what you are moving into your home. Empty boxes of valuable items should be discarded properly and not placed in full view for everyone to see. Close curtains and blinds at night or when you are going out to shield your valuables from prying eyes.

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Your Guide To Changing The Locks Before You Move Into A New Home
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